• The Wood Flute is a musical instrument that is just for you. You will become attached to it as you take it with you on your daily outings.
  • Relax and enjoy hearing the sound you create with your flute—after just a short time of playing it, you will feel peaceful and even somewhat euphoric.
  • The more you play, the better you will sound. You will soon be improvising songs of your own as well as playing many of the old classics.
  • Certain sounds can beneficially alter brainwave patterns. By listening to, or playing these sounds on an instrument such as the flute, you can guide yourself quickly, safely, and easily into extremely pleasurable states of deep meditation.
  • Among other instruments, the wood flute has been used for thousands of years as a powerful healing tool. And, because of the abundance of research supporting the healing properties of sound, such instruments are still being used today in therapeutic settings with great success.
  • Music is just for you—it is personal and from the heart—through music, brain activity is slowed and you receive a greater sense of awe and wonder. Even the simplest of music played with the wood flute can create powerful emotions.
  • While playing the great songs of the past, you realize why they are so great and that they were written just for you.

The Wood Flute is tuned to A = 444 Hz. At this tuning, C is equal to 528 Hz—528 Hz is known as the Miracle Tone. It is also called the Love Frequency. This frequency is associated to DNA repair and forming sacred geometry such as the tree of life.

The Wood Flute is a cross between a high C Native American flute and a C soprano recorder. The ambient sound of the Native American flute is combined with the more responsive air flow system and closer finger hole placement of the recorder.