The Wood Flute

About The Flute

  • The Wood Flute is a cross between a high C Native American flute and a C soprano recorder. The ambient sound of the Native American flute is combined with the more responsive air flow system and closer finger hole placement of the recorder.
  • The Wood Flute is tuned to A = 444 Hz. At this tuning, C is equal to 528 Hz—528 Hz is known as the Miracle Tone. It is also called the Love Frequency. This frequency is associated to DNA repair and forming sacred geometry such as the tree of life.
  • The Wood Flute can play songs, scales, and chakra tones. Many songs have been include on this site that have been arranged in keys that fit nicely with the flute’s range. A fingering chart and scales are also available. The chakra tones on this site can be used for meditation.
  • The Wood Flute can only be obtained directly from the artist. Even though there are several earlier versions out there, they are no longer sold in stores or on the internet.  The value of the vastly improved current versions cannot be measured in the marketplace. They are often received as a heartfelt gift from the creator or sold to a persistent investor. If you are in possession of one of these rare flutes, you are indeed fortunate.