The Wood Flute

About Me

  • My name is Monte Thompson. I would enjoy communications with anyone interested in flutes. I can be reached by email at or by phone or text at 208 273-5227
  • I make the flutes at my home in the mountains of Idaho. I learned how from an old-time flute maker. I have since altered the design considerably to make it my own.
  • If you have one of the flutes and are not completely satisfied, I would like to help in whatever way works best for you.
Monte Thompson Lehi Utah

My Story

Like many fortunate children, I was in band in junior high and high school. I played the trumpet and became fairly good at it. And then, like many who graduated from high school, I got on with the expected duties of adulthood such as college, marriage, children, the military, and a career. I subsequently stopped playing music.

For much of my adult life, I was a Software Engineer. But then, in my 50’s, I experienced the typical male mid-life crisis which ended in divorce and leaving my career. At that point, my life changed completely—I worked in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks for a couple of seasons and ended up working for several years at a ski resort. I became a poor, but happy ski bum and musician.

Stepping back in this story a bit—when I was working at Glacier, I watched people playing musical instruments together and wanted to be part of that. The trumpet didn’t seem to be right for that so I bought an $11 recorder. I would hike into the back country and practice. I entertained the wildlife. The squirrels would get very upset with the noise. I even had a little grizzly bear come into my immediate vicinity to check it out.

While working at the ski resort, I taught myself to play the piano—it is amazing the lessons that are offered on YouTube. I began to absorb myself in music. I quit my job and went to college for a degree in Music Recording Technology. I grew my hair long and formed an all-guy band that we called Monte Thompson and the Holy Males. I played the keyboard and recorder in the band.

After graduation, and while trying to figure out what I was going to do with my newly acquired degree, I saw an advertisement for Native American flute making lessons for Veterans, free of charge. I took the class and set up a little shop in my garage. I attempted to make flutes on my own. The first prototypes were rough.

During that summer, I played the recorder at farmers market for tips. I also played some of the flutes I had built myself. To my surprise, somebody wanted to buy one. This made me obsessed with improving my flute making abilities—I spent the winter in isolation making flute after flute. I tried many types of wood and altered the design numerous times. I ended up with a design and wood types that I especially like. I sold them for a brief time at the markets and on line. I received valuable insight from the marketplace to improve the flutes even more.

It seems that I have been called to create elegant hand-crafted wood flutes. I am singly focused on this. My children are adults and I live in solitude with few distractions. This is my passion. I see it as a rare and valuable gift that I can give as I age and prepare for the beyond. I seek to pass many of my flutes to others for their enjoyment. But I have a special bond with some and keep them for myself.

I am now retired and live in the mountains of Idaho. I believe this location to be a sacred place where I receive spiritual insight. In addition to flute making, I also write instrumental piano and flute songs for meditative purposes. I reflect often among the forest trees and seek guidance for my flute making, music playing, and song writing. On occasion, I believe that I have caught glimpses of fairies. I’m not sure so don’t tell anyone.

Currently, I am focused on making flutes out of aspen wood. I go deep into the wilderness and select a fallen tree. When I cut into a piece of the tree, I am intrigued when I discover its inner beauty. I am grateful for the wood and the wood seems to be happy to be reborn into its new form. In addition, I am inspired to etch artwork into the flutes. I try to create replications of the fairies I have experienced, but they usually turn out to look more like angels, birds, or butterflies.

Since transitioning to a more spiritual side, I have moved away from the business side of flute creation. I no longer advertise the flutes for the purpose of profit. I only give them away as heart-felt gifts to special individuals. In such, this website is for informational purposes only, not advertisement.