The Wood Flute

The Wood

The wood is cut directly from fallen Aspen trees and taken straight to the lathe. The trees are found at a specific location in the mountain forests of Idaho.

The Airflow System

The airflow system directs air from the player into and through the flute in such a manner as to require minimal playing effort and learning time. It also responds nicely to overblowing. 

The Creation

It requires time and patience to master the creation of one of these flutes. In such, many of the flutes are discarded because of an error in precision or a slight irregularity in the wood. Therefore, only the quality flutes are held for distribution. Each of these completed flutes brings forth its own unique beauty and personality.

The Artwork

The artwork, which wraps completely around the flute, is laser etched into the wood. The artist designs, initials, and dates his art. Then it is converted on the computer for etching.

The Bore

The inner bore is drilled with precise dimensions and alignment into a single piece of Aspen wood. Detailed care is taken at this stage to insure that the flute will resonate the warmest and richest sounds possible. The bore is also finely sanded and polished to yield a clear and clean tone.

The Finger Holes

The six evenly-spaced finger holes are located for ease and comfort of most hands. They are close enough together to be easily reached. Along with that, precise placement and size is necessary for the perfect pitch of each note played.

The Finish

A very thin coat of epoxy is applied both on the interior and exterior of the flute. This gives the wood an added glow along with superior moisture protection.

The Band

The removable silicone band is part of the airflow system. It is very light in weight and resists moisture condensation.